Saturday, January 31, 2009

Wasting Time

I still have three days of holiday before going back to school.

Boredom fills my time this few days. I have been lazing away the long CNY break.

What did I do for the past few days? Aha! Reading blogs, chatting thru MSN, googling, eat, and sleep. That's what i did! I believe I have addicted to reading blogs. The first thing I do when i switch on my laptop is to browse through the blogs that i follow. My addiction to blogs really kill off my time. Really have to control myself when school reopens. Can't continue like that.

Nowadays, I don't know what to do during my spare time even though there are tonnes of important things waiting for me to settle. I think I had this syndrome since early January. I know I have lotz of things to do but I just idle my time away. Plsss help me!!

Anyway, I have jz downloaded a movie called <无野之城>. It's a HK Cantonese movie about the life of HK baseball players. Lotz of hot guys and naked scene. I'm sure it would be a hit among the queers. Haha...

Going off to dinner soon. (...idling the day away again...haiz...)


  1. lotsa guys in naked scene? that sounds interesting ;P

  2. So what's the movie about? Anything wild?

  3. Heh, blog addiction. Trust me, there are plenty of people with that, including myself.

  4. haha . bloggin is an addiction too . I have too been wasting too much time on blogging and keep scolded by my hubby . LOL . yanny here . ;)

  5. JD Cole: fact there are few full naked scenes.

    savante: it's a real story of the HK baseball players and the movie features the real player themselves. wild? haha... find it yourself. i've posted the link in my chat box.

    ban: really have to stop the addiction before it kills us!

    yannshadow: luckily you have a hubby to remind u! wish i have one too to scold me! haiz...