Friday, January 9, 2009

Food and Shopping

Today, woke up around 10 o clock. Only had instant noodle and coffee for breakfast. Too bad. I have always dislike eating instant noodle as the flavour and smell is too artificial. My mood today is quite good and have the thought of doing some shopping today. Shopping is one of my favourite thing to do. But since moving out of campus, my wallet is quite tight as I have to fork out additional money for expenses like internet bill, water bill, electricity bill etc. So shopping wasn't in my priority list for the past half year.

After breakfast, chatted with an online friend and read some blogs and time jz flew by till it's already over 3 something. I was so hungry. Had a quick shower, styled my hair and quickly I headed to Mid Valley-my favourite shopping mall, driving at a speed of around 100km/h along the Federal Highway. It was a great headache thinking of where to have my lunch- and it's already 3.45pm. Suddenly, Pasta Zanmai came into my thought. It was opened two months ago in Mid Valley and I haven't dined there before though my good friend has been always asking me to have dinner there since its opening. So I decided to have my lunch there. Pasta Zanmai offers a variety of pasta and pizza which is of the combination of Japanese and Italian flavour. Quite unique. I have always like Japanese and Italian food and it is jz too nice for me to have lunch at Pasta Zanmai.
I ordered a plate of Prawn Tempura Pasta with Sesame Sauce (what lovely combination!) and a cup of green tea latte (another 'one of its kind' recipe). Both the food and service were excellent.

After savouring my feast, I went to withdraw some money from the ATM to shop for clothes for CNY. First stop: ESPRIT. Not many discount and promotion going on. Saw a few smart and chic clothes but too expensive. Went out empty handed. Second stop: TOPMAN. First thing that I noticed was the jeans and there is promotion for jeans- only RM163.00 per pair. Irresistible. Ended up buying two pairs. Third stop: QUICKSILVER. The surfing shorts are jz too expensive. Last stop: SASA. Still left around RM80 in pocket. So went to withdraw money again. This time my aim was PERFUME. I always have been wanted to buy a bottle of perfume since I entered university. Finally I accomplished my goal today. My very first bottle of perfume: CK One, eau de toilette. Haha... Thought of going to trim my hair. But have already spent a around RM600 today. So I will only cut my hair when it's near CNY.

I truly enjoy myself today! A truly self-rewarding experience. Haven't felt so self-satisfied for quite some time. I think it's gonna be a long long time before I get to enjoy such a day again.

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