Tuesday, January 13, 2009

About Myself

I saw quite some number of bloggers doing this. So decided to post it at my blog also.

Name: Julian
Current location: PJ, Selangor.
Eye colour: Dark brown.
Hair colour: Black.
Height: 170cm (..i think i'm still growing..slowly..haha)
Right handed or left handed: Right handed.
Your heritage: Pure Chinese.
The show you wear today: Nike
Your weakness: not good at anger management.
Your fears: being ugly, talking to strangers.
Your perfect pizza: hawaiian chicken.
Goal you would like to achieve this year: Find my true love.
Your most overused phrase on an instant messenger: Haha...
First thought when wake up: washing face and breakfast.
Your best physical feature: baby face...boyish look...
Your bedtime: Around 2 am.
Your most missed memory: my secondary school time..(ahh..the good old times)
Pepsi or Coke: both.
McDonald's or Burger King: McDonald's
Single or group dates: both.
Lipton ice tea or Nestea: Haven't tasted Lipton ice tea..
Chocolate or vanilla: chocolate..but i started liking vanilla recently..
Cappucino or coffee: cappucino.
Do you smoke?: No! I hate smokers!
Do you swear?: Sometimes when I'm driving..
Do you sing?: rarely..i don't sing well..
Do you shower daily?: of course! at least twice a day..
Have you been in love: yes..but lost contact with him already..(sob)
Do you want to go to college?: i'm in university now..
Do you want to get married?: yup..
Do you believe in yourself: yes..always!
Do you think you're attractive: actually i do..
Are you a health freak: not really..
do you get along with your parents: sometimes..
do you like thunderstorm: not at all..
do you play an instrument: no..
do you play martial art: yup..taekwondo..
ever been drunk: nope..i don't drink..
ever been called a tease: ..haha..
ever been beaten up: by my mum..when i was small..
ever shoplifted: once..when i was small..but didn't get caught (haha)
how do you want to die: i don't want to die!
what do you want to be when you grow up: a happy guy who has found his true love..
what country would you most like to visit: Italy

Hope you guys will know me better. Don't be shy if you wanna know more bout me! ;)

Cheers! ;)


  1. You sound like me!

    Do you think you're attractive? Same answer! :P
    Ever shoplifted: When I was small too! ;)

    Our bedtime differs though. I sleep at 4-5am!

  2. well, well well julian... another copy cat LOL i copy from a blogger friend from vancouver.

    you are 21 now and your puberty had ended, how to grow taller? LOL joking ^_^

  3. and you like hawaiian chicken as well... hur hur hur

  4. Hey, you never did answer the question about u being a tease ?

    And I 've stopped growing :(


  5. how can u get married?

    you are gay! hahaha.. unless u r talking about gay marriage?

  6. Okay..i am going to copy this post ..hehe;)
    Btw, i swear alot when driving hahaa..(bad KLian driver)

  7. *Sam: it seems that we share some similarities. hope to know u better!
    *Willy: someone is annoyed about me being a copycat. LOL..jz kidding la! actually i copied it fr darren keefer. anyway, i'm actually still growing taller...i was 165 3yrs back n now 170.
    *Medie007: we have the same taste for pizza. LOL...
    *Anton: actually i was never a tease. haha.. i guess i will only succumb to tease!
    *Takashi: when i was small, i always wanted to walk down the aisle at a church when i grew up. but, having discovered that i'm gay during my teenage years that eventually vanishes from my mind. anyway, i do hope i could find my true love and get married- at a place/country which allows gay marriage. it's still a long journey ahead. for now, i could only hope for the best.
    *Jason: haha...jz like u, i swear a lot when i drive. cannot tahan those lame drivers! lol..

  8. lol.. u dun smoke, dun drink. but cuss when driving and have anger manageent =)

    sounds like almost everyone i noe, except the dun drink dun smoke part =) still, i'd say 'hating smokers' is a little too, judgemental dun u think? =) again, to each his own..

    haha nice blog jules~

  9. I just noticed that I have not done a meme in ages.

  10. opps...i think u so like me too...

    do u think u r attractive?
    guess i'd answer like how u did.ahahaha....

    well,if u r really like what u mentioned u were,then u must be very wanted.ahaha....the baby face,boyish look part is quite an eye-catcher. :)

  11. *aaron: perhaps i'm a bit judgemental! everyone is free to smoke. but, i still don't like ppl smoking. ;)

    *william: u should do it now. want to know more bout u! haha... :)

    *silencer @ joe: it seems that both of us r so perasan. haha... i used to be the baby of my class when i was in high school. anyway, i'm not as wanted as my hunky handsome friends.

  12. I was going through your blog and decided to start reading from the beginning. Do you have an email address or MSN where I can get in touch with you?