Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Car accident!

I was ranting about the car in front which wasn't moving even though there was already no car coming from the right at the roundabout. Just when I was about to overtake his car...'bang!...', I was shocked, I turned to my right looking through the window and to my horror...a motorcyclist slammed my side mirror and it went off! The motorcyclist lost his balance but fortunately he didn't fall to the ground. I was totally shocked..didn't dare to step on the accelerate pedal. The drivers were honking incessantly. I regained my composure and moved my car. The motorcyclist was staring at me earlier and he just followed my car. Then I turned into the road and he was still following. I felt uncomfortable about that. He waved his hand and tried to stop my car. I pointed to him that I would stop my car. In a sudden, he overtook my car and so I stop my car by the side of the road.

I got out of my car and looked at him. He was a Malay in his 4o's. "Kau ada lesen kah?"..he shouted at me. I was not happy at what he said. I stared at him and he took out a packet of cigarretes and smoked. Both of us were looking at each other and were silent for 2 minutes..I guess. I broke the silence and asked him how to settle. Earlier, he was limping when he got down from his motorcycle. He told me that his leg was injured and his motorcycle was damaged. (I knew he was lying)
"Motor encik mana ada rosak?! Tengok side mirror kereta saya!"
"Kaki aku cedera!"
"Kalau cedera, kamu pergi check kat Universiti Hospital."
"Itu hospital private, mahal!"
"Outpatient itu tak perlu bayar, percuma!"
"Dulu, kawan aku tinggal kat situ bayar beribu-ribu."
"Kalau kamu cedera, saya bayar bil."
"Aku tak ada masa, masih kena pergi ke Subang."
I knew that he wanted me to pay him, but he met the wrong person. I told him that I'm a student and I don't have any money to pay him. He gave up when I threatened to make a police report. With that, it was settled. I was still fuming. I drove my car to the Perodua Service Centre to have my side mirror repaired. The side mirror was still hanging with a wire still connected to it. The mechanic told me that I have to replace a new one as the damage is beyond repair. It costs three hundred plus to replace a new side mirror. Called dad and told him the whole incident. What to do? Have to replace a new one. And I had to wait for 2 more days for the spare parts to arrive. Till then, I have to rely on my housemate to drive me around. Paid the deposit by credit card and drove back home.

It was two years already since I last met a car accident. Still remember vividly the last accident I met when I was in Form 6. The last time the front of my MYVI was totally kemek; this time with the side mirror going off.


  1. Dun worry bro. U will get back your money..CNY is around the corner, sure get lots 'ang pow'. Chill..chill:)

  2. That sucks balls alright. And some more he wants you to pay for his "injuries".

    Oh please.

  3. Well done. Often, these bullies get away just because they successfully instill fear in peeps, esp ladies.

    Jason's right, CNY angpows on the way! ^_^


  4. what a coincident. got the skirts at the side all broken thanks to me driving too near to the curb as well.

  5. Sadly there are some unscrupulous people who are out just to cheat money and even use 'acting' props to portray their supposed injuries.

    Argh. The world today.

    Good luck with the finances! There will be a way!

  6. *Jason & Anton: I sign the bill with the credit card. so actually my dad is the one who's paying.and ya..CNY is around..looking forward to that.

    *Sam & Joshua: there's a lot of bastards out there! but don't meet person like me..who'll 'kill' them off!

    *Medie007: so unfortunate for both of us ya!