Saturday, March 14, 2009

Temporary Inactive Status

I will be temporary inactive for about one and a half month because I need to spend more time on my studies. Finals is coming soon and I haven't even started preparing yet. I'm really blurred on all subjects this semester and could feel the tension now as I do not hope to fail any subject this semester (had already failed one subject last sem and can't afford to fail anymore). Two more assignments are due this month. Perhaps I have joined too many school activities this year.

Thanks for visiting this blog. I wouldn't have make it so far if it wasn't for the support and kind comments given by my fellow bloggers and blog readers all this while. I appreciate it very much. I would also like to apologise for not able to give full commitment to my blog.

To those who are also going to sit for their finals, let's work hard together. And to those who are not, best of luck in everything you do.

I will be back around early May. I love blogging and I promise I would not let my passion dies.

Stay tuned... ;)

Saturday, March 7, 2009

From a Psychologist's Point of View

Met a psychologist recently and the following is the excerpt from the talk:

"...The majority of people are heterosexual. So the heterosexuals think that they are the normal ones. So something that is out of the norm is abnormal. But, whatever it is, like i said, it is people's preference, what they like and what they don't like. I don't think so it's up to us, we cannot be judging other people. Let say your best friend and suddenly you found out that he is a gay, are you going to stop being his best friend simply because he is a gay? Are you going to discriminate him? Are you going to chuck him having been your best friend for how many years and then found out that he is actually a gay? Now, that's discrimination! It's just the same issue like Elizabeth Wong. Who are we to judge? It's people sexual preference. Everyone has their own rights. But, having said that, we must be careful with our sexual expression. Sexuality in our country is still very conservative. It's their right as long as they're not harming an individual or the society. ..."

I had a wonderful time listening to her thoughts. It was indeed an enlightening talk. Whether we are straight, gay, or bisexual, we are equal and do not deserve any kind of discrimination or prejudice. At the end of the day, what matters is that being who you really are. Love, regardless of sexuality, is not a crime.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Perak State Assembly emergency sitting

Pakatan Rakyat state assemblymen attending a state assembly meeting under a tree after they were denied entry to the State Secretariat building on Tuesday morning.

Walao! Like this also can ar?

Perak Pakatan Rakyat assemblymen attended an emergency sitting at a vacant lot under a tree on Tuesday morning, 3rd March.


(11.20am) Nizar to seek audience with Sultan Azlan Shah to ask for dissolution of Perak state assembly as soon as the documents from Tuesday’s emergency sitting under a tree in a vacant lot is completed.
(11.15am) Nizar says three motions were passed during the Emergency sitting on Tuesday - motion of confidence on himself as the legal Perak MB; agreement to seek Royal consent for dissolution of state assembly; and the adoption of the suspension of MB Zambry Abdul Kadir and his Excos by the Rights and Privileges Committee.
(10:40am) At the High Court, Sivakumar’s lawyers withdraw from the case after Judicial Commissioner Ridwan Ibrahim rules that private lawyers have no locus standi and cannot represent the Speaker.
Ridwan says that under the Government Proceedings Act, the Speaker can only be represented by the state legal advisor, or lawyers appointed by the latter, because he is part of the state government.
Sivakumar’s lead counsel, constitutional expert Tommy Thomas, says they will await further instructions from the Speaker. He said they were refused speaking rights under Ridwan’s ruling.
(10:35am) Nizar proposes that the emergency sitting of the assembly be adjourned. Sivakumar adjourns.
(10:25am) Titi Serong rep Dr Khalil Idham says Nizar is the rightful mentri besar and wants him to continue. Canning assemblyman Wong Kah Woh says that Pakatan has ruled the state well since taking over last March.
Teja rep Chang Lih Kang proposes a motion asking for the dissolution of the state assembly to call for a new election.
Both motions are agreed to by all Pakatan reps.
(10:20am) After “doa selamat” prayers, the meeting commences with the hearing of the first motion from Titi Serong assemblyman Dr Khalil Idham Lim Abdullah.
He says the trust and support have been given to Nizar as mentri besar. Sivakumar asks for the motion to be debated.
(10:15am) Although allowed entry into the state secretariat building, Sivakumar did not go in. Attired in the official garb of the Speaker, he declares a vacant lot about 200m from the building as the venue for the emergency sitting.
(10:05am) Nizar gets into his car. Discussions going on between PAS, PKR and DAP assemblymen and Members of Parliament (MPs) on their next course of action. One MP is in the car with Nizar.
They are expected to head towards the DAP state headquarters where they might hold a press conference.
(10:00am) Pakatan assemblymen and Nizar not allowed into building, but police allow Sivakumar to enter. A policeman says, “YB tidak boleh masuk (Yang Berhormat is not allowed in).”
Pakatan supporters make a protective ring around their assemblymen so that they will not be chased away. Assemblymen start moving away however.
(9:45am) At the High Court, lead counsels for both sides are briefing the judge in chambers. They emerge from chambers at 10:17am to brief their legal teams.
(9:40am) Pakatan Rakyat assemblymen, including former mentri besar Datuk Seri Mohammad Nizar Jamaluddin, arrive at state secretariat building for emergency sitting of Assembly called by Sivakumar to vote on two motions related to the constitutional crisis in Perak.
Barisan Nasional supporters have lined up to prevent them from entering. Some pushing and shoving going on.
(9:00am) Federal Reserve Unit personnel have been deployed in front of state secretariat building, at least seven trucks being used to block main entrance. Police had already set up roadblocks on roads leading to the building earlier this morning.
A small crowd has gathered, comprising party members, lawyers, supporters and many members of the media.
(8:45am) Lawyers from both sides start arriving at Ipoh High Court in preparation for hearing of lawsuit filed by Perak Mentri Besar Datuk Dr Zambry Abdul Kadir against State Assembly Speaker V. Sivakumar.
Dr Zambry is seeking a court declaration that Sivakumar’s suspension of Dr Zambry and his six excos from the state assembly is unconstitutional.

(Source: The Star Online, 3rd Mac 2009,

All this happen because BN is using all dirty tactics to hold on to power. RULE OF LAW? SUPREMACY OF CONSTITUTION? SOVEREIGNTY OF STATE ASSEMBLY? Too sad...they had all vanished into thin air!