Thursday, January 29, 2009


Every year is a repetition. So, come CNY and everyone is busy preparing for the big day. It is also a time when everyone returns home to be together with their beloved. Since I was a kid, I always look forward to celebrating CNY (I think everyone also has the same experience). However, as I grow older, that 'feeling' vanishes. Perhaps you don't get so excited as an adult. Every year, all of my extended family members will return to my grandparents' house. CNY is another time for reunion dinners, getting red packets, gambling, eating mandarin oranges, listening to CNY songs, gossiping among relatives, etc. Nowadays, I seldom talk to my cousins. Perhaps of our age gap. Yea..I'm the eldest grandchild and my next cousin is 1 year younger. However, since my teenage years I never talked to him. He's a very peculiar person. He seldom mingle around with other cousins. The third eldest cousin is 2 years younger than me and she's now studying in England. I'm closest to her and this year she didn't come back for CNY. So, a quiet CNY indeed for me. I am always at the corner of the living room either listening to IPOD or reading blogs using my phone GPRS. To me, CNY is just an ocassion to meet some family members who you haven't seen for a year, chit-chat, eat. I really don't feel the festive mood anymore. And this year the fireworks display has reduce in numbers. (Emm..sign of the looming economic crisis)

Fortunate for me, my realtives haven't come up with the 'Do you have a girlfriend?' question yet. Perhaps I'm only 21 and I believe the question will pop up in a few years time.

After a long 5 days celebration, I finally came back to PJ today. It's very quiet. Not many have return from CNY celebration yet. My wishes for the Year of Ox?? First, I hope I will do well in my studies. Second, hope to find my other half soon (desperate...haiz..). Third, best of health to my family.

I have gained quite some weight, thanks to the delectable dishes and yummy CNY delicacies. Would do some exercise and cut down my meals for the next few days.


  1. Yeah, too much great CNY foods huh, me too. Anyway glad that you're back in PJ.

  2. I could do with an exercise buddy also! :P I never have the will power enough to do it on my own. ;)

  3. Hey jules!!I am back :) Went to Singapore for 3days.