Sunday, January 11, 2009


Can't wait till next week to trim my hair- it's long and difficult to style. So when I woke up this morning, I decided to have a haircut. I usually have my haircut at Hair Atelier or Jantzen Salon, but, today on the recommendation of someone, I went to Kimarie Salon. It's only RM25.00 for senior stylist cut (including hairwash). Quite cheap as compared with Hair Atelier which is RM28.oo for junior stylist cut and Jantzen which is RM40.00 per cut. Waited for 30minutes before it was my turn. While waiting, I noticed a cute guy. Haha... He's washing hair for a customer. I looked at him for quite some while- I think I like him. I was thinking whether he will wash my hair and I wish hard deep down in my heart that later he will wash my hair. After he finished washing the hair of a customer, he walked pass me and my heart was pounding so fast. I managed to get a near glimpse on him. Later the receptionist called my name and guess what, he appeared in front of me and lead me to my place. I do not dare to look at him-jz ocassionally caught a glimpse of him washing my hair. He is really cute and he did an awesome massage. Got a slight erection when he massaged my head. ^.^ He finished washing my hair and I enjoyed every moment of it till I forgot to ask for his name. He left and the hairstylist came. To my surprise, the hairstylist did a quick job and it's not a very nice cut. Haiz... Paid RM 25.00 and left. I still miss that cute guy. I wonder whether I should go to Kimarie again: for the cute guy, or for a not-so-nice haircut? Haha...


  1. Now now, you needn't be shy. Prepare a lil' note with your name and hp no. and juz pass it to him on your way out next time. If he's not so st8 and favours you too, he'll know what to do. ^_^


  2. Wow... Ant. That is a brave move.hahaha.
    Hey Julian, i went to Hair Atelier too..I trust Aaron alot. He's gud with my hair. In fact, i have book an appointment with him this Sunday to have my hair colored.

  3. So totally understand your situation. I go all the way to The Curve to see my hairstylist in Jean Yip. He's the most adorable thing ever and good at styling my hair. Despite the distance and the price, I still go there. I'm such a victim to my hairstylist...