Sunday, February 22, 2009

Meeting up

Jason had been asking me out for several times but I always turn down his offer. Perhaps I was not ready and was worried too much.

Jen flew to KL on Wednesday and Aaron has just returned from India. Jason had some plans in mind to meet each other. But it never crosses my mind that one day later I will meet all of them together. It's too fast for it to become a reality. Jen messaged me the moment he touched down at KL. I was surprised coz I never give him my number. Anyway, I knew who gave it to him. Haha...

Jason was planning to meet Jen on Friday and he did ask me whether I am free that day. I didn't promise anything. Anyway, Jason didn't tell me much about his plans. I have been chatting with Jen almost everyday on MSN and asked him several times about Jason's plan. But both of us (or perhaps only me) seemed not to have anny clues about the 'meeting-up thingy'.

And finally on Thursday night I only knew that maybe Jason will meet up with Jen on Saturday. I went to KL city on Friday morning to settle some important matters and later in the afternoon I messaged Jen when I reached home. Suddenly I had the strong feeling of wanted to meet up with Jen and Jason. Hence, I texted Jen.

Me: Are u free tonight?
Jen: Yes. Hehe. Me with aaron now. Are you ok with it?

I was surprised. Hrmm...Aaron has reached KL? I didn't know about that but slowly I recalled Jason telling me one month ago about meeting up with Jen and Aaron. I didn't know that actually both Jen and Aaron knew each other. I asked Jen whether we can meet up for supper. Planned everything in that afternoon and informed Jason. I think he's surprised that I initiated the meeting. Haha... I was anxious and sent so many sms to make sure everything is ok.

Confirmed the venue and time, and I was all ready for the meeting. I would fetch Jen and Aaron at the LRT station. I planned for supper at Murni (hottest mamak in PJ) on 11.00pm. Jen and Aaron were staying in KL city and I do not know how to drive there. So, they took LRT and I would fetch them at the LRT station.

I was on my way to the LRT station when Jen texted me that they had reached. I arrived at the LRT station but could not see anyone of them. Messaged Jen but he didn't reply. I was worried. Called Jen and told him I was waiting for them. Finally I saw Jen and Aaron from afar.

Haha... I was so anxious. The idea of meeting them did not even cross my mind until that afternoon. And of course they were surprised that I asked them out for supper as I have been the one who always rejected the idea of meeting up. Anyway, Jen and Aaron were really nice. Aaron was chatty and kept talking till we reached Murni. Jen and Aaron did most of the talking and I was the more quiet one [as expected ;) ]. Jason was having company dinner and arrived late. I finally meet him in person after turning him down for so many times. (Jason...sorry ya...)

We talked about bloggers who we think is hot and good looking, movies, perfume, piercing, etc.
Chatted till around 1.ooam before we left. I was really happy to meet up with them. They're indeed a wonderful bunch of friends.

Haha... It was great knowing all of you. ;) And thanks for accepting me as your friend.


  1. About time to meet up with em and it was not painful, right? hehe. yes, aaron chats like there's no tomorrow, wakakaaka. I am glad you'd finally met up with Jason! Gosh you guys gossiped abt other bloggers and who is hawt and other stuffs! unbelievable! lol.

  2. Yay, your first blogger meeting! :)

    Ah, Murni - haven't been there in awhile. Just got introduced to it a couple of weeks ago, can never forget the food there. :)

  3. We talked about bloggers who we think is hot and good looking...

    that's sooooo gay of u guys to do that! ;P

  4. Ah! I just met them myself. Didn't talk with them all that much cos I'm also a bit quiet and the place was noisy. :)

  5. nase: SLAPS for talking about aaron like that. ish. *flips hair*

  6. Glad your meet up turned out well. It's kinda an eye-opener to meet up with people esp when you think you ody know them pretty well via their blogs. ^_^

    Have a great new week ahead.

  7. [nase] was great. It's not too bad after all. haha...

    [JD Cole] It's Aaron who started the topic. lol

    [Ban] I was the quiet one among them.

    [Silly Little Prince] I guess aaron won't mind. :)

    [Anton] was a great experience. Looking forward to more meet up. ;)

  8. haha...jules. You can write so much about a simple Anyway..i guess both of us were the shy and quiet ones. Really nice meeting you...i think both of us wore the same size..haha

  9. Ooo, now that wasn't all that traumatic was it?

    lol I believe great friendships form under the most unexpected and even quirky circumstances!!!


  10. Wow! Looks like you guys have great time. Wouldn't it be nice to meet more friends?

  11. [jason] haha... yea...both of us were quiet. nice meeting you finally. looking forward to more hang out with u guys.

    [joshua] yea... not bad after all. haha...

    [Mannpriedo d'Saintner]it's great.