Saturday, February 14, 2009

Lonely Valentine

Woke up at 8.00am today as I was awakened by my bro. I walked to the living room and lazed at the sofa and eventually fell back to sleep.

12.00pm: Woke up (for the second time). Chat with a few online buddies before preparing to go out for lunch.

1.45pm: Suddenly I felt so lonely. All of my housemates (incl. my bro) were either dating or went back home. Most of my friends were spending the very romantic Valentine's Day with their beloved. And jz have a serious conflict with two of my closest coursemates few days ago. I was all alone without anyone accompanying me. Went for lunch alone at Station One Cafe in Jaya One. I was green with envy when I saw many couples having their romantic lunch there. I really felt so lonely at that moment. Anyway, had a great lunch of fish and chips, sundae, and white coffee.

3.00pm: Shopped at Digital Mall. Has always wanted to buy a new webcam as the old one is no longer functioning. Bought a webcam and also a cooling pad. Again, I saw couples all over the place. I wondered if why I'm so lonely at this very special day. I have no one at all to go out with. Pathetic and lonely!!

4.00pm: Back at home. Chat with Jen on msn and tried my new webcam. Cammed with him for hours till dinner time.

7.00pm: Logged off at msn. Googling and facebook-ing till 8.00pm. Had a quick bath and off to dinner. Again, I was alone.

8.45pm: Since I was alone, I decided to drive thru KFC. It was a long queue today. I guess most of the people who were queuing up were like me, ALONE. Waited for nearly 20 minutes before my turn.

9.20pm: Reached home and had my KFC dinner alone. No one was at home. So quiet!!

10.10pm: Writing this post.
Feel so lonely especially when today is Valentine's Day. Haiz... another reminder that I'm still single. Going to be 22 soon but have yet to celebrate V Day. Hope and pray that at the same day next year I am no longer alone! The saddest thing is being lonely in such a big world on Valentine's Day.


  1. Gah! :( If only you were back here during V-day. At least going out with some friends would make you feel better. *hugs

  2. v-day is sooooo over-rated my dear~

    there's nothing wrong on being alone on v-day...why should u feel sad just to conform a christianized pagan tradition :)

  3. Go out with friends, then you won't feel alone. Really. It helps. :)

  4. So sorry for the late comment. Dun worry, it's alwiz better to wait for that special one rather than spend Vday with a person who may turn out to have an fugly character.

    Pray things improve leaps and bounds.

  5. Same thing on valentine for me. Date less and spent the day along. I think Sam is right, spend it with friends. I'll try that next year. =)