Saturday, October 24, 2009


Never say I assume!

When you assume, you try to think and accept that something is true but without having any proof of it. You choose to assume because you believe that something will happen. You have high hopes for that something to happen.

It is very stupid and foolish of me to make assumption and to imagine something which is imaginary, unreal, and make-believe. How foolish of me to tell a stranger of my silly imagination? It was just an assumption since the beginning. An assumption which I don't have any proof of it. It was only based on my one-sided judgment. I made my own judgment based on only what I see, what I think, and what I believe, from my narrow point of view. I only see from the vantage point of my own side. Perhaps it was just a misleading, narrow, and one-sided view.

It is often said that politics is too often concerned only with the personal vanities of politicians. I think that applies to love too. It was very conceited of me to make unfounded and baseless assumption. After everything was revealed to the other person, I feel ashamed because it is so vain of me too make such a foolish assumption though I do not realise that you are actually him. I realise that I'm too vain to making such an assumption and later regretted of making the silly assumption.

I learnt my lesson: Never say I assume!

I know you will be reading this and what I have told you is an honest and sincere feeling which comes from the bottom of my heart. That is NOT an assumption. It is a genuine feeling which I do not realise throughout the times. But, at one point of time, I suddenly realise and grasp that actually you are very important to me and have secured a place in my heart.


  1. Yay! You have finally learned this. I learned the lesson about 2 months back cos I realize assuming is very unpleasant not just to other people, but myself too. I felt that making assumptions made me look ugly.

    Its true, I now always try not to make baseless assumptions. But sometimes our feelings distort our actions. Nice post!

  2. Another new awareness which is a very positive thing. Good on ya dude! ^_^

    Stay sweet!

  3. erm what's this all aboout? i've missed something?

  4. Julian!! by sometime we all have to learn this lesson right? or else we'll get a big ego, when we get humbled it's not a bad or pathetic thing, we learn and get to learn some more, I feel I might be experiencing something similar...but I guess I have more grounded proof that this person does not think of me the same way I think of him. Even if I admit it, I still can have warped hopes. =_=" but don't stop hoping that good things can happen, we will always learn the truth sooner or later so we can be happy anyways!

  5. Something dramatic - "Assumption is the mother of all fuck ups."