Wednesday, September 16, 2009


Metamorphosis is a biological process by which an animal physically develops after birth or hatching, involving a conspicuous and relatively abrupt change in the animal's body structure through cell growth and differentiation.

For a human being like me, metamorphosis is a process in which a person changes completely into somebody different. If I were to be compared to a catterpillar, I should be now in the stage of a pupa waiting to evolve into an adult butterfly.

It has been almost half a month that I had not been able to online. Internet service at home was cut off and hence I was totally disconnected from the virtual world and the blogsphere.

I have certainly changed. I have been going out to know more people. From a person who didn't have much liking for alcohol, I started to like the feeling of getting drunk and 'high'. Clubbing has become a weekend activity for me. Change from good to bad? It depends on how you look at the whole scenario. At one hand, I have started to like alcohol which may not be a good thing. But, from another point of view, I begin to expand my network and to get into the circle. Yea.. clubbing brings me to another level. I frequent bar and club so often lately, not just ordinary bar or clubs, but gay ones. Never thought that I would enjoy dancing on the stage so much. And didn't know that I actually could drink.

Jason, an unsuspecting invitation of yours on that very night to Blue, was the starting point. Thanks for introducing me to Emp, Alfred, and Daniel. I appreciate it very much; because of you I get to know all of them who are all great friends. Hope our friendship will grow stronger.

(Hope to come out to some close friends soon. I have begin to have a rush to do so. When the time comes, the pupa will turn into a beautiful butterfly which could proudly spread its wings and fly.)


fyi: I'm deeply in love with someone so special to me now. But I have yet to confess to him. Never had such a strong feeling before. Hope if everything goes well I will begin my first serious relationship. =)


  1. just do what ever you feel it right..but ya at the same time plz be careful, there are a lot out there who are waiting to harm and good luck..

    enjoy life..

  2. go and explore, I encourage ya alright. just make sure it's the right company ( jason's ok lar though a tad naive for his own good at times, lolz! ) and take in all the good and shun the bad. good luck on that first relationship, hope it materializes.

  3. Happy that you are able to enjoy yourself but concerned at the same time that you're pushing yourself a lil' too much with regards to alcohol consumption to which may lead you into trouble especially if nobody familiar is around to keep an eye on you when you are "high", so please do take care ya. ^_^
    p/s..hey, noticed you still hv my old blog (biological) in your list. :P

  4. Juliannnn! Long time no see, and I see you've been clubbing while you were away! =] Watch out for molesters and take of yourself~ I think clubbing is a really great way to connect to a network too, but just have to be careful, good thing you have good friends there now :D and I really really really hope things go well for your big love, sounds like there's a great chance for you! And I hope the coming out part goes smoothly as well

  5. dont worry that much my friend. enjoy as much as you can, but keep alert at all times. you may never know what can come your way, be it good or bad. and good luck on your love life :) be optimistic always :D

  6. lolz. Can't believe you would blog bout this. kaka. Certainly going to leave a bad impression of me. Anyway, i m glad to know you ahve great times hanging out with me. You must take care of your alcohol intake thou coz u drunk pretty easily!. take care:)

  7. Good luck on your relationship thing. Didn't know my boring blog can be interesting. =)

  8. oooer....someone's a bad boy now. ahaks

  9. Cheers .. happy to hear you are enjoying yourself :) when you going to confess to him? LOL