Friday, January 15, 2010

Between Love, Hypocrisy and Friendship

Define love. How to define? You tell me. Believe it or not, there is no precise definition for this four letter word.

I thought too great of this word. Too naive. Perhaps I'm ignorant. But ignorant is not bliss!

I believe in everything too easily. Not that I'm an idiot, but I choose to 'believe'.

I had learnt my lesson. An invaluable lesson. It left behind a beautiful memory and an ugly scar.
Between friendship and love, someone chose love. Between honesty and hypocrisy, the other one chose hypocrisy. Between friendship and hypocrisy, he chose hypocrisy.
I don't mind of being a specimen of love. At least, as sung by Beyonce, it was a beautiful nightmare.

I already felt very contented that Prince Charming had once loved Silly Boy. I believe, at that point of time, it was genuine.

At the end of the day, what matters most is that we had shared some precious moment together in the past.

*p/s: you know i will never hate you no matter what happened. all that i want is just honesty and your courage to confront me. don't feel ashamed . there is no right or wrong in a relationship. ironically, i see hypocrisy in love and friendship. five years down the road, if i happen to read back this post, i will definitely laugh at my innocent thought while reminiscing about our sweet moments. i believe you would too! i am and i will be the same Evillian that you have known.


  1. cheer up! to love and to be love is a different thing. What more to get those 2 together. At least the moment was true!
    Chill men! It might take time to heal the wound, but leaving the scar. And it depend how you see the scar.

    I guess everyone who truly in love might experience it! At least a did, and still struggling till today!
    take care!

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  3. "Beautiful memory and an ugly scar"
    Having read that quote, I think you'll do just fine since you tend to look at and cherish good things.

    Conversedly, a person who has only hatred, jealousy and anger can never heal and will always be faced with problems. :)

    Take good care!

  4. I believe love is what we define it to be. It is also what we want it to be. And yes, there is no right and wrong in love. I believe you will be healed if you choose to be healed.

    Keep up the smile =)

  5. Better to have loved and lost than never to have loved at all? Perhaps that's true.

  6. Time will heal all wounds though scars will remind you of lessons learnt. Nevertheless, life goes on and you will smile once more, some day.

    Cheer up and take care :)

  7. Take the scars. But forget about what happened. Not good to dwell on it :)