Saturday, March 7, 2009

From a Psychologist's Point of View

Met a psychologist recently and the following is the excerpt from the talk:

"...The majority of people are heterosexual. So the heterosexuals think that they are the normal ones. So something that is out of the norm is abnormal. But, whatever it is, like i said, it is people's preference, what they like and what they don't like. I don't think so it's up to us, we cannot be judging other people. Let say your best friend and suddenly you found out that he is a gay, are you going to stop being his best friend simply because he is a gay? Are you going to discriminate him? Are you going to chuck him having been your best friend for how many years and then found out that he is actually a gay? Now, that's discrimination! It's just the same issue like Elizabeth Wong. Who are we to judge? It's people sexual preference. Everyone has their own rights. But, having said that, we must be careful with our sexual expression. Sexuality in our country is still very conservative. It's their right as long as they're not harming an individual or the society. ..."

I had a wonderful time listening to her thoughts. It was indeed an enlightening talk. Whether we are straight, gay, or bisexual, we are equal and do not deserve any kind of discrimination or prejudice. At the end of the day, what matters is that being who you really are. Love, regardless of sexuality, is not a crime.


  1. im with you!
    majority doesnt necessarily mean normal
    preference is not a SIN!

    great one

  2. That is so true. :) It's always great to meet people who are accepting and understanding of equal human rights, regardless of sexuality. That's the main thing people forget - they think that being different automatically makes you wrong.

  3. The truth is everyone wants to be normal but there is no such thing as normal cos everyone has different standards...
    So try not to think about being normal, be yourself...

  4. good good
    so it there ur friend no be ur friend juz bcoz there noe tat u r gay?

  5. Wow! Whoever it was that said it, I agree wholeheartedly!

  6. yeah, i'm on board with these ppl too :)

    sexual preference is not a sin!

  7. It seems that everyone share the same view. Sexual preference is not a sin!